Pupil Premium

Our school currently has 30 children registered as Pupil Premium.

The current allocation for 2017/18 is £39,600

Current plan for Pupil Premium spending 2017/18:

Description Cost
Additional part-time teacher for Maths KS2 £15,180
Additional TA support for English, groups and 1:1 £13,120
Home study, resources KS2 pupils £1,000
Supervision for homework club £4,300
Uniform £2,500
Residential trips and school trips £3,500
Total £39,600


Main Barriers to Achievement for disadvantaged pupils.

In-school barriers

  • poor sentence structure
  • social/emotional/well-being
  • organisational skills
  • space and resources to support learning at home

External barriers

  • lower attendance rates
  • homework not being completed

Key Priorities for 2017/2018

  • Reading comprehension across the school to improve reading achievement
  • Writing attainment across the school, particularly prior middle attainers and boys
  • Additional support will continue to be offered to individual children based on the individual needs and circumstances of the child, and will be tailored accordingly following close monitoring of each Pupil premium pupil.

Ongoing strategies


  • 1:1 tuition: this is provided for pupils to support them in narrowing and closing the gap between them and their peers
  • Phonics groups
  • Targeted writing group-Get Writing! Fresh Start before school group
  • Daily 1:1 reading
  • EAL groups
  • Homework support group
  • Before-school English booster groups
  • Additional teacher in KS2 to teach English in smaller, mixed ability groups
  • Kindle e-readers and MP3 players with download audio books for upper KS2 pupils reading in school and at home.


  • Study resources provided to enable pupils to maximise their progress
  • Setting in maths-additional teacher. Placing of children into more ambitious groups where the child shows potential, and teachers to offer support to the children to achieve in their groups, in-line with their peers. Close monitoring of children in receipt of Pupil Premium at pupil progress meetings and at SLT.
  • Multiplication and number bond 1:1 support
  • Access to My Maths, Mathletics and TT Rock Stars online maths support
  • Homework support group
  • Before school Maths booster groups

Wellbeing/social & emotional

  • Financial support for trips, residential journeys and clubs. Where appropriate, students are given financial support to attend class trips, residential journeys and attend clubs, including Breakfast and After School Club.
  • Support with the purchase of school uniform if required (addressing inequalities and ensuring that the chid fits in).
  • Wednesday Group
  • Lego therapy

Next Pupil Premium Strategy Review

Beginning of Spring term w/c 16th April 2018.

The impact of our strategies will be reviewed by looking at attainment and progress data of each pupil premium child.