Each class has worked together to write their own prayer for this school year. Some examples of these are below.

6S Class Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for the beautiful world we live in and everything in it.
We thank you for blessing us with our family and friends.
Please help us to do our best all year and reach our full potential.
Help us to impress our new teacher and continue learning new things every day.
We promise to work hard all year and to always have a go.
Guide us to achieve our targets and to never give up.
Please help us to be polite, helpful and to show good manners.
We promise to follow in your light and teaching.
We pray that we will be kind and caring to all our class-mates.
Thank you for all the gifts you have given us and for your unconditional love.

5R Class Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for our lovely learning environment.
Thank you for our teachers who give us fun, challenging learning.
Thank you for our friends, who help us do our best learning.
We ask for your help and guidance in all tasks that we undertake.
Please help us to be the best learners we can and give us strength when we find things challenging.