Children are expected to behave in an appropriate way at all times. We are committed to the involvement of parents in working together to create a stimulating, purposeful, learning environment, and will contact you if we have concerns about your child.

Racism — incidents of racism are not tolerated. These are dealt with usually by the Headteacher, who would contact the parents if necessary, record in the Racist Incident book and report to the Local Education Department.

Bullying — incidents of bullying are taken very seriously. Children are encouraged to tell a member of staff, or their family if they are being bullied. We want all children to feel safe and secure at our school.

The school has a Home School Agreement, which is given to all parents once their child has been given a place. You will be asked to sign a declaration to show you have read it and are committed to your responsibilities.

A full copy of our Behaviour Policy is available under Statutory Documents.