Friends Association

We have an active and successful Friends Association.  Every parent is welcome to be part of the Friends of St Robert Southwell.  Event planning meetings are held twice a term.  We hold a Christmas Fair and an International Evening every year, which raise important additional funds for the school.

Our committee members are:

Chair – Nicola Proudfoot

Vice-Chair- Helena Donovan

Secretaries – Jackie Vazquez

Vice Secretary – Jo Montgomery

Treasurer – Helen Kelly

Vice Treasurer – Charlotte Wren

Other elected members include:

Catriona Howley, Ciara Conroy, Jose Mulvey, Linda Street, Niamh Murphy, Paola Barbero, Renold Tuscano, Stephanie Terry and Susie Haran.


Resources that the Friends Association have contributed to in recent years include:

The School Minibus – this was purchased from money raised by the Friends Association. It has enabled pupils to take part in a variety of sporting activities/competitions.  It also enables us to participate in workshops run by local schools, both primary and secondary.

Enrichment activities – recent examples include go-karting and mini golf.

Pantomime – each year a performing arts company visits the school to perform a pantomime to the whole school.

Shakespeare workshops –  Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet workshops have been held for year 4/5 pupils in recent years.

IPads and laptops – the Friends Association have bought a number of IPads and Laptops in recent years.  These ensure that we can provide pupils with ICT support in the classroom, as well as in our ICT suite.

School Library – the Friends Association have made a significant contribution to our new school library.  This has included bespoke furniture and a wide range of new fiction and non-fiction books to support the curriculum and promote a love of reading within our pupils.