Friends Association

We have an active and successful Friends Association.  Every parent is welcome to be part of the Friends of St Robert Southwell.  Event planning meetings are held twice a term.  We hold a Christmas Fair and an International Evening every year, which raise important additional funds for the school.

Our committee members are:

Chair – Nicola Proudfoot

Vice-Chair- Helena Donovan

Secretaries – Fiona Hayllar, Breda Newman

Treasurers – Marie Cawley, Paula Divine and Lorraine Foody.

Other elected members include:

Catriona Howley, Linda Street, Winnie Forde, Niamh Murphy, Steph Terry, Liz McDermott, Ramonez Jayatilaka and Simona Voloseniuc.


Resources that the Friends Association have contributed to in recent years include:

The School Minibus – this was purchased from money raised by the Friends Association. It has enabled pupils to take part in a variety of sporting activities/competitions.  It also enables us to participate in workshops run by local schools, both primary and secondary.

Enrichment activities – recent examples include go-karting and mini golf.

Pantomime – each year a performing arts company visits the school to perform a pantomime to the whole school.

Shakespeare workshops –  Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet workshops have been held for year 4/5 pupils in recent years.

IPads and laptops – the Friends Association have bought a number of IPads and Laptops in recent years.  These ensure that we can provide pupils with ICT support in the classroom, as well as in our ICT suite.

School Library – the Friends Association have made a significant contribution to our new school library.  This has included bespoke furniture and a wide range of new fiction and non-fiction books to support the curriculum and promote a love of reading within our pupils.