Vision Statement

Pupil Leadership at St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School

At St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School pupils follow in Jesus’ footsteps to be the best they can be. Pupils embody they values and mission of the school to be a member of our school community, our parish community and the wider local community.

As part of their learning at St Robert Southwell, we recognise the importance of making pupils feel empowered to make a difference. We want pupils to feel they can be part of making changes that are important to them. We want to equip pupils with the skills to be confident, young leaders who are able to tackle challenges they may face and live according to British Values.

Why pupil leadership?

Pupil leadership provides opportunities for pupils to not only develop their leadership skills but develop communication, decision making, problem solving and public speaking skills. Furthermore, it can help recognise and develop pupils’ talents and can enable creativity. It also enables pupils to work collaboratively with other pupils and school staff and the wider community. Pupil leadership opportunities can also raise self-confidence and understating of rights and responsibilities.

Well-structured pupil leadership can also promote diversity and equality in the school.

Our vision for pupil leadership at St Robert Southwell:

  • Pupil leaders should embody and promote the school vision and mission statement.
  • Pupil leaders should feel valued and included.
  • Pupil leaders should feel a sense of purpose and plan for and see outcomes from their roles and strategies.
  • Pupil leaders should feel included and represented.
  • Pupil leaders should embrace responsibility.
  • Pupil leaders should build team skills and problem solving skills.
  • Pupil leaders should be given the opportunity to share their ideas and speak publicly.
  • Pupil leaders should experience writing applications, voting (democracy) and interviews.
  • Pupil leaders should have the opportunity to work with the school community, parish community and/or the wider local community.
  • Pupil leaders should have the opportunity to represent the school through school tours, meeting with visitors and on trips.
  • Pupil leaders should have the opportunity to work with staff towards shared goals.
  • Leadership should take many forms and include pupils from all different areas of the school.
  • Leadership should help provide opportunity for pupil voice.
  • Leadership should prepare pupils for higher education and future employment.

St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary school aims to provide a range of opportunities for pupils to undertake leadership roles. Some of these include:

  • Classroom leadership roles eg. Line leader, homework collector, etc.
  • Pupil Parliament
  • Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl
  • Classroom Computing leaders
  • Pupil Chaplains
  • Year 6 leaders, including:
    • Prefects
    • Environment Leaders
    • Computing Leaders
    • Young Librarians
    • Reading Buddies
    • Playground Buddies
    • Sports Leaders

St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School will ensure:

  • Pupil leaders are chosen through a range of ways including democratic voting, letter applications and interviews.
  • Pupil leaders will represent diversity in the school and leadership will be inclusive.
  • A multitude of leadership positions will be made available to pupils to maximise the number of pupils who have a leadership experience whilst at the school.
  • For formal roles, pupils will be presented with a badge so they can be easily recognised around the school.

Pupil Leaders will:

  • Embody and promote the school vision and mission statement.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Represent the school by wearing correct uniform, having good behaviour and helping others.
  • Show commitment to their role by being punctual to meetings and contributing their ideas.
  • Enjoy working with others and building new relationships with peers and staff.
  • Want to make an impact on the school and community.
  • Work well in a team.
  • Be brave, be resilient and try their best.

Staff running pupil leadership groups will:

  • Encourage pupils to be active in their role, share ideas and participate.
  • Hold and chair meetings as appropriate (usually once half termly).
  • Help pupils organise events and activities – making their role purposeful.
  • Monitor attendance and behaviour and report back to the class teacher and SLT if problems arise.

At St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary school, we want to develop our pupils to become the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow by working hard, aiming high and being the best they can be.