Pupil Premium

Priorities for 2018– 2019 

Reading comprehension and reading for pleasure across the school  Higher attainment in Reading in KS1 and KS2  Additional support will continue to be offered to individual children based on the individual needs and circumstances of the child, and will be tailored accordingly following close monitoring of each Pupil premium pupil.

2018/19 Spending priorities

Cost Additional part-time teacher for Maths & English in KS2/KS2  £20,000
Pastoral support/counselling £3,060
Breakfast , afterschool and curriculum club subsidy £2,800
Uniform £1,500
Residential trips and school trips £4,000
TOTAL £30,360

Next Pupil Premium Strategy Review

Beginning of Spring term June 2019.

The impact of our strategies will be reviewed by looking at attainment and progress data of each pupil premium child.